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Waking Up app: Meditation for Beginners

If you’re like me, you’ve tried (and failed) at meditation many times. On its face, this practice seems simple and straightforward. Have a seat, close your eyes and don’t think about anything. Too difficult? Just count your breaths and you’ll be the master of your mind in no time!

Of course, meditating can be a bit more complicated than this. That’s why I have downloaded and tried meditation apps like Headspace, and Calm.  I’ve attended local meditation classes at the Insight Meditation Center, and even developed my own meditations using visualization to help achieve my goals. But life gets busy and when I don’t do something well, I don’t want to do it all. Does meditation help with perfectionism?

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And yet, the benefits of meditation have been well-documented. Personally, I think we would all like to feel calmer, happier, and be more positive. Enter the Waking Up app, an app for would-be meditators looking for a simpler approach.

“The Waking Up App teaches you how to meditate through a series of 10-minute meditations.”

The introductory 50-day course offers a completely different perspective on meditation. This program is the first one I’ve encountered that essentially teaches you how to meditate by turning the entire concept on its head. Meditation is not so much about becoming enlightened as it is about become ‘aware.’ This makes the process easier to understand and achieve.

With the Waking Up app, the goal is to become more observant, to question both thoughts and experiences, and to build on these concepts over time. Even better, each of the fifty meditations is only about 10-minutes long.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, I would highly encourage you to try it. Even better, the program is free to try through the end of 2019.

Waking Up in the Apple Store

Waking Up in the Google Store

P.S.- I completed the 50-day introductory course in just over two months. I often missed weekends and the occasional weekday- I just picked up where I left off. Now I’m using the daily meditations to continue my practice and still enjoying both the process and the benefits.

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