Liver Qi Stagnation

Ted tells a story about how stagnation impacted his dat-to-day interactions.

Tips for Allergy Season

Quick overview on TCM view of allergies and their causes, natural remedies to treat allergies, and foods to avoid during allergy season.

Intro to Ted Ray, L.Ac.

This video is an Introduction to Ted Ray, L.Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist. Owner of Peninsula Acupuncture in Mountain View, CA.

Top 5 Acupuncture Questions

Introduction to Acupuncture. Ted Ray, L.Ac., LIcensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist in Mountain View, CA answers the first of five common questions about acupuncture: “Does Acupuncture Hurt?”

Cold & Flu Season Tips for Prevention

Over the counter medications don’t really work! That’s because they only mask the disease without addressing the underlying cause. Learn what you can do to prevent yourself from getting sick and get better quickly if you do get a cold or the flu.

Fall Immune System Tips

Quick tips on key supplements and lifestyle choices that will help you stay healthy this Fall & Winter.


The Secret of Pulse Diagnosis

Did you know what your pulse says about you? Watch this quick video see what an acupuncturist can find out about you in under a minute!