You Can Dip In (and Out) of Acupuncture
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Just a Few Sessions: You Can Dip In (and Out) of Acupuncture

What do you have to bring to the table for acupuncture to work?

Absolutely nothing.

Most people have at least a few complaints, whether they are chronic health issues or injuries, but they needn’t derail you.

To benefit from acupuncture, you do not need to eat clean or follow an exercise regimen. You do not have to change the way you think about wellness or immerse yourself in the world of Chinese philosophy. 

You can just dip your toe in the water. Here are a couple of examples of ailments that do not require extensive engagement with acupuncture to be resolved. 

Tendonitis (tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, and so on)

Tendonitis (tendon irritation or inflammation) usually occurs because of overuse. Tennis elbow is a typical nagging tendonitis injury (that you don’t even need to play tennis to suffer from).

You don’t have to wait for it to resolve itself, take painkillers, or go to physical therapy. It can be completely fixed by acupuncture in as little as one or two sessions that serve as a catalyst to break the cycle of pain.

Poor sleep (waking up multiple times, not sleeping deeply, not being able to fall asleep, and so on)

Insomnia can take many forms and can be caused by lots of different issues. I work with you to identify and treat the root cause of your poor sleep. 

For example, hormonal changes associated with perimenopause might be interfering with your sleep cycle. Just a few sessions of acupuncture can rebalance hormones and reset your system, letting you sleep through the night.

You don’t have to fix everything at once. You can take a single yoga class and see how it makes you feel. The same goes for acupuncture. Give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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