When I came to Ted, I had already gone through immunotherapy (allergy shots) to treat my environmental allergies. But I found that I still needed to take over the counter meds on most days to keep congestion and sinus pain in check. Working with him, he treated both my allergies and the stress which was exacerbating them. Today, I no longer need to take additional medication every day and I’ve found a significant improvement in my health overall.

Emily F.

I started going to Peninsula Acupuncture a couple of months ago for some knee pain and some pinched nerve pain in my neck/arm. I think it has helped a lot and I also think that it has enabled me to relax and not get tense when I am working at the computer. I would recommend this to everyone!

Trudi B.Menlo Park

I have had many different acupuncture treatments from different people. Peninsula Acupuncture is by far the best.

Jenny F.Redwood City

I started at Peninsula Acupuncture about 18 months ago when I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Ted put me on a regimen of acupuncture and herbals that quickly restored me to good health. I never used acupuncture or herbal supplements before, but now I am on a regular routine for controlling hot flashes and staying healthy. It really works for me, and Ted is great at answering my questions and explaining options.

Cathy H.Menlo Park

I have been seeing Ted about every 2 weeks since he opened his practice 15 years ago. I go more often when I have an injury or health ‘crisis’. He has helped me through back sprains, a broken ankle, and allergy season, among other things. And he is a really nice guy! He’s empathetic and caring. Congratulations Ted, on your 15 year anniversary.

Martha C.Palo Alto

Ted has made the world of difference to me since I started seeing him over 5 years ago. Fatigue, mood, hormonal fluctuations (and anything else I ask him to help with) have all been greatly improved. And his interested and warm manner make him a pleasure to go and see. I always leave feeling positive.

Sue L.San Jose

I was referred to Ted, and grateful that I could take advantage of his services. “Still” seeing my medical doctors; but so far his work has had more of an impact than anything else!

Amy P.Sunnyvale

I believe acupuncture helps relieve my sciatica pain as well as TMJ and sinus pain. Ted is very knowledgeable and a very caring person.

Debbie L.Santa Clara

Ted is professional and personable at the same time. He’s always willing to listen and provide guidance and allows you to make the choice that’s best. I see him regularly for both acupuncture and supplements. I swear he is the reason that I remain healthy all year long!

Erin S.Los Altos

Ted has been a great cheerleader in continuing to keep my husband and I in optimal health. He has been a part of our health team for 3 years.

Michele B.San Jose