Applying the Golden Rule

I was recently reading a book called The Moses Code as I have a strong interest in books on manifesting and in the idea of fulfilling one’s life purpose. Taken at face value, the book is just one of many in the genre of The Secret. But later on, the book presents a concept of real value: the difference between the desires of the ego and the soul.

The ego seeks to prove its worth by collecting things, thus ‘overcoming’ the fundamental belief that it is flawed and incomplete. The soul, on the other hand seeks to give away that which it most desires in order to confirm it had these things all along. In other words, the soul, at its core, knows it is perfect and so seeks most to manifest that perfection on Earth by giving away that ‘perfection’, be it love, compassion, or the like.

In my practice, I have made a habit of giving away that which my soul most desires: acceptance and understanding. I know that I can be overly self-critical and sometimes even harsh. So by supporting my patients in a non-judgmental way and accepting them as they are, I am also giving this gift to myself.

 I know this is heady stuff, but it’s actually just another way of looking at The Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

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