Your Life Purpose: A Bigger House?

From the Desk of Ted Ray

2013 promises to be another interesting year and, like me, I’m sure you’ve got a number of resolutions on your mind. Since many of our activities are aimed at securing a better future for ourselves, I thought I’d move beyond resolutions and ask a bigger question instead:

How would you act if you knew everything was going to turn out all right?

I ask this question because much of my own life I’ve operated under the premise that I just needed ‘one more thing’ to be happy: a bigger house, a new car, and more money under the mattress. The problem with this line of thinking is twofold. First, it operates from a viewpoint of lack—something is fundamentally missing. Second, it has a tendency to shutdown creativity and access to your higher self.

Ultimately, this frenetic drive to acquire or get it all done serves as the perfect distraction for what really matters: Your life’s purpose.

I am on this planet to remind others of their perfection and to help them find their inner strength. It just so happens that I chose acupuncture and herbal medicine to do this. But the vehicle is less critical than the intention. Why are you here? And more importantly: What are you waiting for?

My advice to you:

Since we live in primarily an attractive universe where like meets like, it is always in your best interest to focus on what you want and believe that those things are already yours. Then, the universe aligns with that thought (all things begin with a thought) to bring you that reality. Too esoteric for you? Try this: Focusing on what you want and believing you already have it will drive behaviors that bring those things to you.

New Year’s Resolutions often fail because they run contrary to a belief you have about yourself. Thus a truly effective resolution will be accompanied by a similar belief. Want to lose weight? View yourself as athletic and slim. The magic here is that this belief will shift how you see yourself, change how you eat, and allow you to exercise more easily. This always works.

In full disclosure:

I still want lots of material things and intend to reach for them. I think there can be true enjoyment in luxuries. At the same time, I am aware that they will not truly make me happier. So, right now I am just practicing; developing my skillset around bringing things into my reality. Once I figure our how to manifest things on the material plane, I’ll move on to the spiritual one. Overall my intention is to love my fellow human being and expand my own awareness and idea of what is possible.

Yours in Health,


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