Thankgiving Bliss

Quantum physics says that just observing an event can change its outcome. But what if you could change the outcome of an event before it even happened? You can.

As we live in an attractive universe, you always get more of what you focus on. Think of the unhappy customer in the department store who complains about the lack of good service. Embittered, he invites resistance from employees and gets ‘more’ of what he doesn’t want: more bad service.

The opposite is also true. If you want to create a Thanksgiving you’re sure to appreciate, begin with the end in mind. To do this you’ll need a clear idea of how you intend to feel throughout the event. Go with the intention that you’ll have a good time, and that you’ll enjoy the company. And, go happy. You’ll be amazed out how the night turns out.

How does this work?

You’re intended outcome is fed to your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind does not know the difference between fiction and ‘reality.’ Thus armed with a story,  your subconscious mind will pull into its experience everything necessary to validate your initial intention.

What do you risk?

You risk giving up your old story—one that may be predominantly negative—and replacing it with a new one. You are also taking personal responsibility for how you feel and how you behave. By choosing your outcome for the evening, you are no longer subject to someone else’s words and actions. To the degree that you’re exposed to others who are  negative, you are no longer are fit for their point of view; they will not be able to connect with your new state.

Practice makes perfect.

Try a test run. Family events can be the most challenging because people often fall into old roles. Why not pick a simpler task. Go to a store or restaurant and take the opposite approach of the unhappy gentleman above. Know that you will receive excellent customer service and feel happy about it before you walk in the door. See how others experience you and notice how you are treated.  A family event is really no different, except you’ll stand much more to gain.

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