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Allergies and Acupuncture: Breathe Easy

Spring is in the air! Quite literally. Pleasant spring breezes come loaded with pollen. Instead of enjoying seasonal renewal and change, many people are stuck inside suffering from allergies.

Fortunately, there is a solution. The acupuncture journey to reduced—or eliminated—allergies is one of gentle correction and relaxation.

A multi-faceted approach that targets the root cause of allergies

When you encounter an allergic trigger, your white blood cells release a protein called IgE, which fuses to the allergen. At the same time, histamine gets produced by one of your specialized white blood cells and by mast cells in connective tissues. It’s histamine that causes a lot of typical symptoms associated with an allergy attack, such as swelling or itchiness. 

Put simply, your immune system responds to the allergen as if it were a threat, in the same way it would to a bacteria or virus. It’s reacting to what really should be a benign substance; pollen in this case.

Peninsula Acupuncture, the best alternative health care providers in the Mountain View, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale, CA, area, has had great success treating patients for allergies. Our region has very high pollen counts; if you’re at all sensitive to tree or grass pollen, you understand what we mean! Instead of focusing on dampening symptoms, like medications such as histamine blockers do, we strike at the root of allergies.

[Keep an eye on the allergy forecast here.]

Acupuncture has been shown to reduce the amount of IgE mistakenly released by your white blood cells in response to the allergen. By using acupuncture to treat both the symptoms and the spleen (which produces those specialized cells that make up your immune system), allergies become less and less prominent.

We also work with herbal supplements combined to address each of our client’s particular allergies. By expertly blending herbs such as Stinging Nettles, Magnolia flower, and Quercetin (a bioflavinoid plant compound), it is possible for your allergies to disappear entirely. You don’t have to suffer through several months of the year. Get in touch with Peninsula Acupuncture to start your journey toward an allergy-free spring and summer now.

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