Herbal Spotlight: Echinacea

There’s been a lot of controversy about Echinacea over the years, so I’m here to dispel the myths and tell you how to get the most out of this remarkable herb. Echinacea has many beneficial properties including its ability to optimize the function of white blood cells that ‘digest’ foreign particles. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and supports the lymphatic system. It also has a regulating effect on your innate immune system, which identifies foreign invaders as they enter the body.

Dispelling the Myths

Contrary to popular opinion, Echinacea is safe to take with autoimmune conditions because it is an immune ‘modulator’, not an immune stimulant. Long term use of Echinacea will not deplete your immune system. Long term use actually has cumulative beneficial effects. Below are few more things to think about in selecting the right echinacea supplement.

Get the Right Echinacea

  • Choose the right species:  Echinacea Angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea.
  • Use an extract made from the root (not from the flowers or whole plant).
  • Look for at least 2.0 mg of alkylamides (active ingredient) per serving.

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