Anti-aging: Fact or Fiction?

FACT: There a very specific and achievable way to achieve and maintain ideal health and even to slow the aging process.

This is because the body is always breaking down and repairing tissues. The trick is to support the repair mechanisms and slow the breakdown mechanism. All chronic disease is “degenerative;” it’s just a matter of what organ or tissue is affected. Some people get heart disease and others get rheumatoid arthritis.  And though many people are genetically predisposed to certain disease states, we have the ability to exercise dramatic control on their expression.

 Sugar and your diet

The repair process is predictably supported by a healthy diet (little-to-no refined sugar), exercise, emotional well being, and a sense of purpose. What we can’t get from nutrition, we can get from a limited number of whole food-based supplements, minerals, oils, and herbs.

The body’s natural state is one of wellness and not disease.

Ironically, it is a desire to achieve this feeling of wellness that drives us to make so many decisions that negatively impact our health. When we feel depressed or tired we go for sugar or caffeine- two things that will serve to keep our systems out of balance and move us further from our desired state. When we feel unhappy, substances like alcohol can numb the pain or create a (temporary) sense of freedom from the situation. In Chinese Medicine, we say a system out of balance tends to stay out of balance. This is always the case until the system (your body) is acted upon by an outside influence.

 The good news

It doesn’t take a very big effort to tip the body in the right direction. Your body wants to be well and will do anything possible to move toward that state. My purpose, both in life and in my private practice, is to help others find that one thing that will help them tip the balance towards good health. It doesn’t matter if it’s finding a new job, improving a relationship, or making a diet change Any one thing can affect everything. I encourage you to make a decision to improve your own health by having the courage to change any part of your life that will tip the balance in your favor.

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