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Increasing Male Vitality, Libido, & Stress Handling

The funny thing about getting older is that you never think it’ll happen to you. Now I’m not expecting a lot of sympathy from my reading audience, but I have noticed changes in myself that I just wasn’t expecting. Over a year ago I noticed that my workouts seemed harder, my energy was lower, and I felt less emotionally flexible.

But I knew I couldn’t fix my low energy, poor mood, and decreased coping ability with just herbs. I had to get back on track on with the healthy habits that worked for me in the past- habits I had moved away from during the pandemic.

Meditating in the morning, exercising regularly, and taking healthy lunches to work were a great start, but not enough. I also needed to limit alcohol, get better and more quality sleep, limit garbage in my diet and take time to rest and recover. Sound familiar? Combined, these little habits added up to a big change. With my foundation reestablished, I decided that now was the time to incorporate herbs.

To get the best outcome possible, I consulted a teacher of mine for a pulse and tongue diagnosis so that he could make a customized herbal formula for my specific needs. The beauty of Chinese Medicine is that detects more nuanced issues. It identifies functional deficiencies that may not show up on blood tests, but show up readily when you take the pulses.

I ended up with a customized formula that supported my specific needs.  Combined with consistent adherence to my healthy habits, this herbal formula has been helpful at improving my overall energy, mood, and sense of vitality. Since I have many male patients about my age, I thought it would be a good idea to create a formula that they could use too- one that didn’t require the time and energy it takes to make a customized formula.

The result is Men’s Health Formula, which covers every aspect of men’s health in a safe and effective way. It’s easy to take, works well, and efficiently solves a number of common issues experienced by men over fifty.

Here are some of the formula’s key benefits:

  • Improves energy
  • Increases stress handling
  • Supports libido
  • Calms mood
  • Helps with mental clarity

About Men’s Health Formula

Directions: Take 2- 2 ½ tsp 3 times daily in water before meals.

Contains a proprietary blend of Turnera, Orchis, Plantago, Ptychopetalum, Corynathes, Ginkgo, Smilax, Curculigo, Dioscorea, Lepidium, Chimaphila, Cornus, Epimedium, Melia, Morinda, Trigonella, Cynomorium, Lycium, Myristica, Santalum, Hydrocotyl

If you are interested in either purchasing this formula or would like to pick up a sample from my office, please contact me by email or call the office. I know you’ll love it!

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