Student Athletes

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Today’s competitive environment drives student athletes more than ever. With this high demand to perform, student athletes need to ensure their bodies can respond well to an increased physical (and mental) workload and recover quickly from any injuries that occur during training or competition.

Why Athletes Recover More Quickly with Acupuncture

The number one factor in the body’s capacity to heal is age. Put simply: young people get better faster. Beyond this factor, underlying circulation of the individual is second most important.

Since acupuncture leverages the body’s circulatory system, athletes are more readily able to take advantage of acupuncture’s healing benefits including:

  • Improved circulation to muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Relief of muscle spasms
  • Stress relief via down-regulation of the sympathetic nervous system

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A Typical Course of Treatment
  • Acute: In the context of other therapies, acupuncture & cupping may address key issue in as few as 2-4 treatments.
  • Moderate: Recurrent or more severe injuries require 4-8 treatments, but this is dependent upon many factors
  • Severe: A custom-tailored program will be created for the student athlete recovering from surgery, or suffering from a more significant issue where surgery is either not warranted or looking to avoided. Still need more info? Schedule a free in-person or phone consultation here (link to free 15-min consult appt.)