How to Take Your Herbs


Tinctures are highly concentrated herbal formulas designed to deliver effective relief at a very low dose. A typical dosage is 2 teaspoons, taken 3-times daily. Just add your herbs to a little hot water (¼ – ½ cu.) and let them sit for 3-5 minutes to burn off the alcohol. If the taste of the alcohol bothers you, you may purchase a glass mini-saucepan (think Chemistry class) to burn off more alcohol.

If you need instructions on how to use the mini-saucepan to prepare your tincture, click here.

Why do I have to take them so frequently?

Herbs have a much shorter half-life than western drugs and are metabolized much more easily by your system. You’ll need to take them more frequently to maintain a therapeutic dose in your system.


Unless otherwise directed, follow the instructions on the bottle. One exception—if you are required to take 2 pills, 3x/day, you may instead take 3 pills, 2x/day. A smaller amount taken more frequently is preferable, but if your schedule does not allow it, you may take advantage of this exception to the rule.