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peninsula-acupuncture-herbsWe use herbs extensively in this practice. They are highly effective, safe, and achieve lasting results.



Chinese Herbs:

  • In use for over 2000 years
  • Holistic approach to the body
  • Natural; whole plant includes protective properties
  • Used to treat every known disease in the ancient and modern world
  • Used in combination in a formula to prevent side-effects
  • Formulas customized for the individual
  • Easily assimilated by the body

Western Pharmaceuticals:

  • New medications produced each year
  • Focus on condition by organ, disease or body part
  • Synthetically produced; potent, but unbalanced
  • No direct treatment for many modern diseases
  • Side-effects are the norm and sometimes fatal
  • Every “disease” gets the same medicine
  • Often hard on the digestive system; secondary medications needed for this reason

Herbal Consultations

  • A typical herbal consultation may last up to 45 minutes and involves:
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Tongue examination
  • Comprehensive History
  • Customized Herbal Formula

What is Pulse Diagnosis?

The herbalist will palpate the radial artery on both wrists to evaluate not only the rate and rhythm, but also the qualities. There are over 20 specific and unique qualities that can found on the wrists; each quality tells something about the state of health or disease in your body.

Why do you need to look at my Tongue?

Like the pulse, the tongue reveals much about current status of the body. The herbalist will take note of the color, coat, shape, cracks, moisture, size, and any unusual depressions. Specific areas of the tongue relate to different organs in the body. For example, the front of the tongue relates to the heart and lungs, while the back of the tongue relates to the kidneys.

Comprehensive History

A thorough history of present and past complaints as well as any past medical history is an important part of both an acupuncture and herbal evaluation.

Customized Herbal Formula

If you are prescribed a tincture, your herbalist will create an herbal formula custom-tailored to meet your needs. In this way, both the cause(root) and the symptoms (branch) can be addressed.